The Best Tents for Camping in Canada

November 23, 2021

Canada offers some of the world’s best natural scenery, but much of it is located in some of the world’s harshest environments. Camping in this country can be a dream come true, but you’ll need an appropriate tent to make sure that dream doesn’t turn into a nightmare when snow, rain, or wind makes an unexpected appearance.

Luckily, we’ve got some tips you can use to choose the perfect tent for camping in any Canadian weather—during any season! Let us guide you towards gear that will give you confidence when planning your next camping trip.

What Should You Consider When Choosing a Tent?

Not all tents are equal—most are designed for specific environments and applications. Choosing the best tent for your upcoming trek into the Canadian wilds will depend on where you plan to go, and when.

Consider the following when selecting your tent:

  • How far off the grid are you going? There’s a big difference between manicured campsites in provincial parks and backcountry bushwhacking. Tents designed for casual campers may not have the same sturdy designs and tough materials as those intended for more advanced adventurers.
  • How many people are in your party? Snug tents are great for single sleepers, but you’ll need more room for group outings. You’ll want a tent that fits every member of your party while leaving a few centimeters between each sleeping bag for comfort (although you’ll want to pack in tighter to share warmth if you’re camping in cold weather).
  • When are you going? If you’re camping in winter, make sure to take a 4-season tent. If you’re going in warmer weather, a 3-season tent will probably do the trick.
  • What kind of weather can you expect? Check the weather report for the area you’ll be visiting before you choose your tent. Some tents are waterproof and some aren’t—don’t find out which kind you have the hard way.
  • Will you need luxury features, accessories, or add-ons? We’re not a glamping blog, but if that’s the only way to get you out into the woods or mountains, we’re not judging. Just make sure your tent has the amenities you need to feel comfortable during your trip.

4 Tents Ideal for Camping in Canada

Based on the considerations above, we’ve picked out 4 tents ideal for camping in different Canadian environments.

Marmot Tungsten Tent on white background

Marmot Tungsten Tent

Price: $270 CAD

Where to Buy: MEC

Ideal for single backpackers on trips in warmer weather, this tent uses colour-coded clips and poles to make setup quick and easy. It also includes a footprint for floor protection, making it more comfortable to sleep in when camping in rugged environments. Finally, the built-in vestibule offers room for your gear and a waterproof place to put your boots on before leaving.

Eureka! Alpenlite 2 XT 2-Person Tent on white background

Eureka! Aplenlite 2 XT 2-Person Tent

Price: $530 CAD

Where to Buy: MEC

A 2-person tent that can stand up to pretty much the worst weather imaginable, this tent is designed with 6 poles that give it plenty of support even in howling winds or under heavy snow. It also has a UV-resistant fly, which offers vital protection during long hours of sun exposure at high elevations. This is a 4-season tent you and a buddy can take right up to the top of the Rockies in the dead of winter.

North Face Homestead Domey 3 Tent on white background

North Face Homestead Domey 3 Tent

Price: $350 CAD

Where to Buy: Altitude Sports

A slightly larger 4-season tent that can sleep 3 people, this single wall tent is waterproof and comes with a duffel-bag style stuff sack for easier transportation. It’s not just for winter camping, though—warm-weather features include a mesh skylight perfect for stargazing on spring or summer evenings.

Northern Breeze 12 Tent on white background

Northern Breeze 12 Tent

Price: $670 CAD

Where to Buy: Altitude Sports

It ain’t cheap, but you get what you pay for—and in this case, you get a lot. A screen house that converts into a large tent by way of an optional floor, this shelter is as expansive as it is expensive.

Its lightweight aluminium construction makes it easy to travel with, and full external rain and wind flaps make it almost completely waterproof. All 4 flaps can be used as awnings too, making this an ideal product for the glampers out there. This is about as close to a luxury tent as you can get for a Canadian camping trip without getting impractical.

Pitch Your Tent Proudly

We hope one of the tents above provides you with suitable accommodations for your next Canadian camping trip (or at least that our criteria helps you find another tent that will meet your needs effectively). Next step? Book your campground and pack the rest of your items—adventure awaits!


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