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The Up & Coming New Breed Of Camper

Posted by Bryce McDermid on Apr 15, 2019 7:59:09 PM

Camping is one of the great traditions of Canadians, from the shores of Pirates Cove Newfoundland, all the way to Klahanie Campground in Squamish BC. It is a tradition that has lasted generations, having Canadians young and old come together to experience the great outdoors. This amazing tradition is being passed down even now, as a new generation of young parents have taken to the outdoors to introduce our adventurous heritage to their children.

The newest generation to seek the outdoors en mass is the children of the baby boomers, the Gen Ys or Millennials. They’ve taken to camping because it’s something their parents have done with them, and now they’re having kids and want them to experience the same thing. The difference between them and their parents is millennials want to bring all their tech and gadgets with them, which is changing the way camping is done.

There is no doubt that the newest generation of avid campers are some of the most tech savvy. According to a 2014 study, the growing majority of campers is between the ages of 25-34. This is the generation of kids who split the difference between playing outside and being brought up on the internet. Which has made them an interesting combination of adventure seeking and demanding of convenience and comfort for them and their families.

Campgrounds in particular have felt a push from this group as more and more are being outfitted with some manner of WIFI internet. However, the millenials are also some of the most reserved campers, preferring to keep to themselves and the groups they’ve come out with. Preferring to communicate with anyone outside their inner circle indirectly over the internet.

In terms of takeaways you can make about this new ‘tech savvy’ generation of campers, the easiest one to make is to keep everything simple for them. They want to give their kids the same kinds of camping experiences their parents gave them, but now they’re used to being able to book their travel online and keep their tech and gadgets on hand at all times. The next generation of campers are here, and they’re just like the older generation in a lot of ways, but you do need to watch out for the few extra bells and whistles they’re looking for from their camping experiences.


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