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Is Receiving Money Online Secure?

Posted by Bryce McDermid on Jun 4, 2019 10:15:16 AM

If you’ve ever questioned the safety of receiving money online, you’re not alone. To many campground managers, accepting money online seems like a potential security nightmare, when in reality, it’s one of the safest ways to handle payments. We’re answering the question ‘is receiving money online secure?’ and going into some of the specific methods used to ensure that your camper’s information is protected.

While some may doubt the safety of accepting payments online, the truth is, it’s a much safer alternative to many of the payment methods used today. In fact, our specific online payment program - Stripe, is as safe as it gets.


Stripe goes through regular audits from PCI-certified auditors (ie. internet security police), and maintains its status as a Level 1 PCI Service Provider. What does this mean? It means that Stripe transits more than 300,000 credit card transactions every year, they receive regular training, tests, and scans from third party security and compliance organizations, and they are on Visa’s Global Registry of trusted service providers.


Now you may be wondering, ‘what makes Stripe’s process so safe?’ Well, everytime a camper adds their credit card number into the online form, it is immediately encrypted, with the decryption key stored on a completely separate machine - a machine that is not accessible from Stripe’s internal servers. This means that every camper's information is protected with such a high level of security that even if a hacker was able to breach Stripe’s virtually impenetrable security wall, they wouldn’t gain access to credit card information. They would simply find a series of meaningless characters due to the encryption process.


In the past, if a camper wanted to pay for their campsite via credit, they would need to give their card to a campground staff member who would then write down their credit card number in a notepad. This process comes with no assurance whatsoever that the credit card information is being stored in a safe location.


Today’s camper is savvy, and wants to see their information protected far better than this. This is why our online payment system allows the camper to enter their own credit card number into a protected online form which is then immediately encrypted.


Camp Reservations Canada is all about bringing convenience to the campers, but not at the expense of security. This is why we’ve teamed up with Stripe - a platform certified by Visa as safe and secure. This platform doesn’t just offer convenience and security for campers, but for campground managers as well. When you team up with Camp Reservations Canada, it means we, with the help of Stripe, handle all the protection and organization of payment information, meaning you never have to worry about the safety of your camper’s sensitive information.


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