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3 Reasons Why Today’s Camper Wants to Book Online

Posted by Bryce McDermid on May 28, 2019 10:07:55 AM

While a well-seasoned camper may have their favourite campgrounds memorized, attracting new campers who aren’t familiar with you can be difficult, especially if they can’t find you online. In the old days the average camper has to sift through a number of campgrounds before finding exactly what they’re looking for. This time-consuming process typically involves multiple phone calls, and with the rapid growth of ‘convenience culture’, this experience just won’t do for today’s customer. Here are 3 reasons why today’s campers like to book online.


1. It’s quick

A user-friendly online booking platform can save customers a tremendous amount of time. While the traditional phone reservation experience meant customers had to pick up the phone and spend 3 - 10 minutes making a reservation, today’s online approach offers the ability to quickly browse campgrounds, and with the click of a button to find out what is and is not available. Now don’t get us wrong, one 3-minute phone call isn’t the end of the world. However, when it’s a few days before Canada Day, you’ve procrastinated and failed to make weekend plans, and every campsite is booked, you’re now in a situation where you can either call 15 different campsites before you find one vacancy or you can view in real time which campsites within your desired location can accommodate you. What was historically a stressful 1-2 hour experience of phone call after phone call is now an easy 5 minutes out of your day.


2. It gives the camper control

Any good camping adventure requires a significant amount of planning, and let’s face it, planning is hard work. On top of that, if a camper needs to interact with the campground directly via phone, it means they’re planning their trip on your terms, working within your hours of availability. Online booking gives the customer complete control by allowing them to plan their trip on their terms. They are not subject to campground office hours or staff availability, they can simply reserve when they’re ready.


3. It eliminates the guesswork

Planning a camping trip, especially with young children, can be stressful. There are many unknowns including what your site will actually look like, what amenities you will have direct access to, etc. An online booking experiences removes the guesswork and allows customers to select the specific location they want to be in, and see exactly what they’ll be getting, eliminating the unknown and the stress that comes with it.


Now the real question is, do all of these benefits actually make it worth it to a customer to spend a few extra dollars just so they can reserve online? The answer is yes. In fact, when Carbon Campground, a campground that previously exclusively took reservations via phone, began offering an online booking experience, 90% of their customers found the experience significantly more convenient, and were happy to pay an additional fee for this convenience. Similarly, a recent study surveying avid campers revealed that customers are more than willing to pay extra for booking online as long as it allows them to see the availability of campsites in real time, view campground amenities, see pictures of the campsites, and choose their exact campsite location ahead of time.


In a day and age where convenience is at the forefront of the customer decision, it’s important to remember that today’s customer is looking for quick, easy, and self-directed experiences, which is exactly what they get when using Camp Reservations Canada to plan their camping adventures.


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